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X-Jet nozzles have become very popular in recent years.  These nozzles inject and proportion soaps, chemicals and liquids at high or low pressure without going through your machine's pump.  For those of you into terminology, this method of chemical injection is referred to as "downstream injection" because the introduction of chemicals occurs AFTER the machine's pump.  Downstream injection, in many cases, is preferred rather than "upstream injection" which occurs BEFORE the pump and means that any chemicals used will run through pump, hoses and gun.  Caustic or corrosive liquids, like bleach, will eventually damage costly internal components.

X-JETs can be used with hot or cold water pressure washers from 1000 PSI to 6000 PSI. X-Jet nozzles come in "sizes".  The size refers to the
internal orifice of the nozzle.  Choosing the correct size will allow for the appropriate chemical draw and the maximum shooting distance.

So besides the method of injection and the avoidance of caustics through your equipment, let's look at some other reasons to use the X-Jet nozzle.  
The nozzle is designed to project chemicals and other liquids to vertical heights of 30 feet or more.  For those in the residential market, this nozzle can truly make a difference between staying on the ground or needing a ladder or scaffolding. Ladders are the best way for you to fall and become injured.  

Do you want to use a low-pressure wash technique for roof washing but don't want to spend $7000 on a special soft-pressure rig?  The X-Jet nozzle, with practice, can be used to broadcast soaps and chemicals across a roof structure with very little pressure allowing you to accomplish the same end result with a much smaller investment.  
The X-Jet nozzles are affordable.

Some contractors, when working on residential flat work like driveways and sidewalks, will use the X-Jet nozzle to broadcast chemicals across the surface.  We use our EcoWash
 House & Roof Wash and the soap mixture gets a little foamy when applied with the X-Jet nozzle.  This gives it great cling to the surface during the dwell time period.

X-Jet Nozzles are available in 3 styles...

The Original





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