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Quick change nozzles incorporate a quick disconnect plug into the design. A color coded protective nozzle guard identifies the sprayed from damaging contact.  Quick change nozzles save time in the selection nozzle usage. Even from a distance the user knows which nozzle to select: (Red) 0 solid stream, (Yellow) 15 , (Green) 25 , and (White) 40 . Low pressure nozzles are (Black) for downstream injection. Remember that downstream injection refers to chemical injection AFTER the pump.

The spray pattern alignment is quick and easy. The nozzle guards include locating ribs. For fast spray alignment during installation, the operator can feel the locating ribs. At start up, a quick glance at the nozzle indicates spray pattern direction.The quick disconnect plugs are compatible with most quick connects on the market capable of being used up to 4000 PSI.

Click Here to see a Nozzle Chart to determine the appropriate size nozzles based on your equipment's GPM and PSI. Need help? Give us a call at 678.943.1488.

We carry several brands of QC nozzles such as:

General Pump
Spraying Systems Co



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